Seidorenger - Humiliated Sentai Heroine

價格 $30 保密發貨,放心購買
  • Saint Pink is one of the Saint Warrior - Seirenger members who fight for justice. She leads battles days and nights to defeat ZUBAGO, an organization of evils. Saint Pink is engaged to marry Saint Red, another member of the team, when the war is over. Seirenger located the hideaway of ZUBAGO's leader, and went there to end all. However, there awaited a horrible plan to make Saint Pink a mere sex slave. Betrayal of her best friend, and lost of virginity under the gaze of her husband-to-be! With the help from the perverted machines, ZUBAGO disgraces her body repeatedly. She got brainwashed and was forced to believe that the sexuality rules all things. Would she fall into ZUBAGO's sex doll?