FTV Milfs HD高畫質寫真 Ashley - VERY SEXY RETURN

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  • Beautiful Ashley Fires is back and is looking even sexier than ever during her return visit, the first return model for FTV MILFs! We see her first playing around and trying on some different outfits, showing how sexy they look clinging to every curve of her shapely butt. We see her select a thin red fabric dress (we note she's wearing no panties) and some wedges, spreading and showing a special skill of flexing so her clitoris moves up and down. Next we see her venturing outside for some public nudity fun, wearing glasses and a short jacket along with her clingy red dress. Her lack of panties makes it easy to flash and we see her showing her beautiful ass - note how she can 'wink' her butthole - before sitting on the steps, spreading her legs and touching herself enjoying her wetness until there was a very close call with some bystanders. Next we see her in the car as she and the photographer make their escape, and she starts touching herself right there in the passenger seat - note the wet sounds she makes - on their way for refreshment. She finds a public fountain and, having to relieve herself, pees right next to it...with some closeups. Back indoors we see her using a magic wand type vibrator over her clothes first, then directly onto her clit bringing herself to a quick orgasm! Next we see some foot fetish fun as she cleans her feet, then simulates a footjob using the glass toy before bending over to penetrate herself...and again we note how wet she becomes from the toy! Next she rediscovers the vintage Vibraking toy, which brings her to a parade of strong orgasms with its powerful sensations...we note how she just can't seem to stop herself, going in again and again for more leg-shuddering climaxes including squirting and visible contractions! She's the first model to have a return shoot on FTV MILFs and certainly showed why that is, giving us another super hot day of shooting and sharing every inch of that flawless mature body with us along the way!