FTV Girls HD高畫質寫真 Courtney - A DAY ON THE FARM

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  • We first see auburn-haired Courtney in the car on her way to the shooting location, and we see her start things off by touching herself in the car, spreading her legs for easy access to her pink privates! They arrived at a farm and we see her quickly lose all her clothes, scampering around among the flowers and investigating an alpaca in a pen, then spreading next to the chicken coop. Back indoors we see her in the bathroom shaving herself down there to get rid of any stubble, then touching herself on the edge of the tub before using a vibrating toy for more fun. Afterwards we see more streaking as she runs down the pasture, then lays out a yoga mat to do some nude stretches before heading inside and showering up. The following morning we see her out on the lawn playing some croquet, then heading inside for a nap. When she gets up we see her attempt to insert the largest toy she had ever encountered, but her pink privates were just too tight...she's a cute and spirited girl who is having many first time experiences here as she spends a day on the farm, sharing the fun with FTV!